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Pain relief and anaesthesia options for women in labour: an animated patient education video

Looking for: Illustrator
Budget: Negotiable

I am looking for an illustrator artist to help me create the artistic elements for a patient education video covering the pain relief options available to labouring women. I want the video to be shown antenatally and also when the patient arrives on labour ward.

I aim to animate these elements in after effects.

I will need hospital backgrounds, characters, medical equipment, and approximations of human anatomy to highlight key points in a flat design style. The artwork will need to be layered such that I can easily animate in after effects.

The video will include an introduction, and sections on “gas and air”, opioids, and epidurals, as well as spinal anaesthesia and general anaesthesia. Each section will cover mechanism of action, practicalities, risks and benefits.

I am at an early stage in this project and need to finalise a script and decide on the elements required.

It would be great to work with someone who has experience in flat design and medically themed imagery.

Do you have an idea for the illustration?
I have some ideas but I’m not sure

What sort of illustration?

What styles do you like?
Modern, Other/don’t know

Where will the illustration be used?

What kind of organisation is the illustration for?

What file types do you need the illustration in?

What is most important for this project?

What’s your day rate budget range?

Do you need any other services?
Colour palette

How many freelancers would you like to pitch?

Posted 6 months ago
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