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Adapt my novel into an Animation movie/series

Looking for: 3D Animation

I have a thriller novel that I need to adapt into small movies/script episodes as per chapter. I have the script ready.

It is detective/spy thriller/ Espionage story set mainly in the USA. However, a tiny portion of events happen in Germany.

He’re a brief synopsis

The U.S government has secretly developed a device called Ionshaker that can remotely manipulate any nuclear missile on earth.
But, when a terrorist group called Al Fakir steals the nuclear device, people connected to the Ionshaker project start disappearing without a trace, are found dead or are on the run for their life.

Ionshaker is in terrorist hands and fear grips America. With Ionshaker, Al Fakir can disable any country’s nuclear defense system and detonate nuclear warheads of any country, from anywhere, at any time, with a single press of a button.
Everyone human is vulnerable to an Al Fakir attack and the terrorists can wipe out not only countries but entire continents.

This is a short synopsis. However, if you are interested in the complete overview , plot and character information, kindly contact me.

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Felix Timothy
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