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Immersive theatrical event requires excellent Paris-based actors

Looking for: Actor
Budget: £333.33

We are creating a once in-a-lifetime experience for a good friend ahead of their wedding day. Taking our inspiration from the 1997 film ‘The Game’ with Micheal Douglas and Sean Penn, we are creating a fully immersive two day experience that will thrust our friend into a mysterious world of riddles and intrigue.

Our friend is unaware of this experience, and believes he is travelling to Paris for his stag-do. His brother will vanish upon their arrival and he will be left alone - the following two days will involve him trying to discover where his brother is and catch the kidnappers. His first interaction will be with an ominous character who will set the first task, and this character will then appear at key points across the two days to guide his journey throughout the city.

We are looking to cast an excellent actor to play this essential part of this ‘ominous kidnapper’ for the two day experience. After the first meeting, this character will re-appear again and again across the two days; sometimes just a glimpse in the distance in a crowded room; other times passing key information to our friend; and being on hand to guide his journey if he gets wayward.We are looking for a character who can give a sense of mystery and authority, and an imposing and memorable look.

We are open to seeing suggestions of characterisation for this role.

We are looking for someone who is excellent at improvisation and can stay in character throughout all interactions with our friend.

Applicants must be available for the shoot dates as well as to meet. Interaction with our friend will be in short bursts spread throughout the day, but we will need the successful applicant to work closely with our team to ensure the experience runs smoothly.

Interview: self filmed interview initially and then a meeting in person if successful on Thursday 26th April.
Shoot Dates: Thursday 3rd May, Friday 4th May.

A full concept breakdown, script for the experience plus itinerary is being worked on and will be shared. A clear brief will be supplied alongside a schedule and maps. A team will be based in Paris close to all the action and will be on hand to offer full support.

This will be an amazing project to be a part of, and we are looking for someone with the enthusiasm and passion to ensure it is a blinding success!

Do you need a male or female?

What age actor do you need?

What is most important for this project?

What’s the deadline?
As soon as possible

What’s your day rate budget range?
150-250 (Industry average)

Do you have a script?

Is this a lead role?

Is the project location specific?

How long is the film?
More than 90 minutes

How many pitches from actors would you like?
None, I want to search

Posted 6 months ago
Last online: 6 months ago

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