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I need a creative genuis. Somebody who knows a lot about fruit and loves lemonade.

Looking for: Graphic Designer
Budget: Negotiable

Describe your deal goal for this job.
Pretty much looking for a brand logo and something I can put on a 16oz glass bottle of lemonade. If its the same thats fine, but if they’re different with similarites that’ll be even better.
What’s your main source of inspiration / examples?
I sold lemonade once when i was 5 years old to raise money so i could buy my own games. A couple years ago being a poor stident in college i was making kool aid and my roommates would drink all of it without leaving me any left. It gave me the idea to start making my own indiviual couple of lemonade. The third or fourth time for some odd reason I unconsciously peeled the lemon completely around in one go. At that moment I decided to start a lemonade company and I was going to name it one peel. I took a picture of the actual peel and if that’ll help in anyway I’ll attach it or send it to you somehow. Then after that I proceeded to sell lemonade on my college campus making tailor made lemonade. It was a big hit especially with some of the wacky combinations I got. A mixture of both local and exotic fruit. I let people pick mix whatever fruit their heart or head told them. Some combinations peach pineapple, raspberry strawberry mango, mango pina colada, and blackberry watermelon. I used not only fruit but candy also such as starburst, jolly ranchers, and air heads. Different sweeteners the whole shabang. (If that’s a real word) now I don’t want to limit myself to just lemonade that’s why I decided to go with the name one peel rather than Kb’s Lemonade (the name everybody on campus uses) but my initial product and takeoff product will be lemonade. I envision having the most creative lemonade company which can then branch off to being the most creative drink company brand period. I draw my inspiration from the people.

Final product to be used on.
I would like to have a logo for my social media pages and something I can put a glass bottle. Something different like an out the box but not in a different universe. Unless you think a different universe is good than I’ll trust your judgement.

Describe yourself/your business.
My business description is above but a little about me. I’m simple but creative. I like to meditate to clear my head. I like things to be 1,2,3 type of order but in my own way. I love colors and designing my own sneakers on Nike id / miadidas ( when they call me for a sneaker deal we might need to talk again lol ) I love exercise especially running and basketball. I want to learn how to play golf, and also one day becoming a actor and film director. My goal is to leave this world better than when I came in. I was the president of NAACP on my campus and actually had an event called peace,love,lemonade to where I tried to get people together and used lemonade as a bridge. I generally believe everyone like lemonade you just have to find their flavor. Which lead me to tailor making it. At the event we tye dye shirts with the P,L,L logo. I could also send that if it’ll help. I want to use the company to not only make the creative/best drinks but to somehow help others. maybe opening stores so we can have those conversations about race or other topics that people tend to stray away from. Lol I’m very blunt person at times. Also I’m 21 so it needs to scream something like I’m older but not too old.

Say what your target audience is.
My target audience is generation z/younger Millennials
Say when the deadline is.

Sooner rather than later I know you cant rush creativity but the quicker I get the quicker I can get started selling lemonade again. I would say at least by the end of the first week in May.
What’s your budget - are you flexible?

My budget is pretty open and flexible. However im not looking to spend an excessive amount of money. I would say anywhere between $100-$300. Only spending more of necessary I prioritize quality over anything. So please don’t rush.

Do you need a logo?

Do you have an idea for the logo design?
I have some ideas but I’m not sure

Is this a new logo or a rebrand?
New logo

What type of logo do you want?

What styles do you like?
Text and image

What colours would you like the designer to explore?
Light colours

Where will the logo be used?
Print and digital

What file types do you need the logo file in?

Do you need any print items?

What print item would you like designed?
Packaging design

Do you need any branding work?

What branding work do you need?
Full branding package

Is this a new brand identity or a rebrand?
New brand identity

Do you need web or digital design?

What branding styles do you like?
Abstract, Classic, Fun

What web or digital design do you need?

What kind of organisation is the design for?
Business or nonprofit

What is most important for this project?

How quickly does this project need to be started?

What’s the project scope?
Ongoing work

How many freelancers would you like to pitch?
None, I want to browse

Posted 6 months ago
Last online: 5 months ago

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