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Looking for: Actor
Budget: $100.00

( inside a supermarket )
Man(about to grab a bag of potato chip from the shelf): Ahh, my favorite potato chips, maybe I should get one bag…
( camera turn to the inside of a studio )
Woman: So many times, we fall prey to junk foods whether we are consciously or unconsciously.
Junk foods are designed in the lab by scientists to maximize addiction and profits but care very little about nutrition value.

FoodKarma is an app helps us choose foods more mindfully.
In America, one out of seven people faces hunger according to the estimation by USDA.

The money we spend on that junk food can turn into vital food for the hungry.

Select the junk food you are tempted to buy, enter the price.

FoodKarma will suggest the healthy alternative food for you to order and deliver to charity organizations on your behalf.

When we want to quit undesired habits, it is easier and more sustainable if we replace an undesired habit with another habit according to Psychology Today magazine.

By using FoodKarma, not only you help yourself by eating fewer junk foods, but you also help other hungry people in this world.

In psychology, you replace the satisfaction and guilt from the junk food with the satisfaction of helping other people.

It is more likely to be sustainable than personal willpower.

FoodKarma will track total calories you saved from junk foods over time and how much contribution to your favorite charity organization.

Start using FoodKarma today and start mindful eating!

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4-10 minutes

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Posted 6 months ago
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