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Looking for: Actor
Budget: Negotiable

This job is very easy. All you need to do is follow me around for one day and ask questions about my life documentary style. There is a rough outline of a script but nothing hard. The pay is 400$ to follow me around San Diego all day and ask the questions on the list. This will be a viral video documentary via YouTube. You will receive IMDb credits. I’m a maxim and playboy model, also a tv host on Playboy TV News Uncovered. This documentary I’m creating is very serious/deep/ personal so must be able to be serious. It’s not what people would expect from a model but this is a chance to tell my full story .

Do you need a male or female?

What age actor do you need?

What is most important for this project?

What’s the deadline?
No deadline

What’s your day rate budget range?

Do you have a script?

Is this a lead role?

Is the project location specific?

How long is the film?
30-90 minutes

How many pitches from actors would you like?

Posted 6 months ago
Lauren Briar
Last online: 6 months ago

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