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Looking for Pop/Urban Contemporary Music Producer

Looking for: Music Producer
Budget: Negotiable

My name is Ash Carmichael and I’m an aspiring singer-songwriter. I am based in St. Louis but I easily travel to collaborate with other producers and musicians. I am very new to being in the studio but I have a degree in entertainment management. So I’m more familiar with the business side of music.
My sound is pop/urban/contemporary R&B. I’m looking to really key into my sound and develop a track I really love and feel confident promoting and introducing myself to the world with. My vision is a track that is of the highest quality, radio friendly, and a fun party song.
I am really big on songwriting. I love songs that tell an actually story even if it’s not my personal story. As a child I was really influence by Ron Isley with his stories. I am influenced by women like Cher, Diana Ross, and Beyonce as far as the level of glamour in their stage personas and their showmanship. Other current artists I love are Julia Michaels, Sza, and Rihanna. I always imagined myself as a multimedia musical artist with great music and high energy stage shows.

Genre required?

Type of project?

What’s the deadline?
No deadline

How many instruments do you need added?
4 or more instruments

How many tracks?

Do you need the song mixed and mastered?

Is the song already written?

Will the track be commercially released?

What is most important for this project?

How quickly does this project need to be started?
Doesn’t matter

What’s your day rate budget range?
150-250 (Industry average)

Do you require a recording studio?
Yes, I need access to a recording studio to record parts of the song

How many pitches from freelancers would you like?

Posted 6 months ago
Ash Carmichael
Last online: 5 months ago

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