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Graphic designers to design sports themed watch strap

Looking for: Graphic Designer
Budget: Negotiable

We are looking for someone who can design some world cup theme to be applied on our watch straps. Colors used must be based on the jersey’s team colors of the footballing nation (for example brazil will have yellow and blue in accordance to their jersey and shorts colors). As for the design, you will need to be creative to apply effects, designs or textures to make the strap stand out and represent the team. For example, current brazil team jersey is just plain yellow and blue so you guys will need to add some of your original design to this so its not just plain dull yellow. Can be minimalistic or as long as it makes the strap nice when design is applied. Can apply some linear cut or halftone effects to the design.

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Do you need any print items?

What print item would you like designed?

Do you need any branding work?

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What branding styles do you like?
Abstract, Modern, Luxurious

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Business or nonprofit

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Ongoing work

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None, I want to browse

Posted 6 months ago
Last online: 6 months ago

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