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Logo for a new technology platform

Looking for: Logo
Budget: $83.33

Hi There,

Our spec is as follows:

We are a machine learning market analytics tool build for Sales Teams.

The tool is called ZINT Or Zint.

We’d like it in Black and White

It need to be Simplistic, Bold and Iconic

It needs to look good as an app icon.

Our competitors are organisations like DueDil, DiscoverOrg, Experian, Zoom info, BVD - MINT, D&B Hoovers…


Do you have an idea for the logo design?
No, I don’t know what I want

Is this a new logo or a rebrand?
New logo

What type of logo do you want?

What styles do you like?
Image only

Do you have any colour preferences?

Where will the logo be used?

What kind of organisation is the logo for?
Business or nonprofit

Do you need any other services?
Branding/identity design, Colour palette

What is most important for this project?

How quickly does this project need to be started?

What’s your budget range?
25-100 (Emerging artist or student)

What file types do you need the logo file in?
Don’t know

How many freelancer designers would you like to pitch?

Posted 6 months ago
Last online: 6 months ago

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