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Acoustic songwriter with an eye for heartbreak

Looking for: Songwriter
Budget: Negotiable

My name is India, I’m a female singer based in Liverpool and I’m looking for a songwriter. My music is inspired by pop music, acoustic, rap, rock and soul.
I’m mostly a lyricist and I’m no good at compositions and bringing the song together in some kind of harmony, but I do have a clear idea of what I want to create. I want to create an acoustic song, with sort of an Amy Winehouse/Dua Lipa/Lana Del Rey sound to it. If you’re good at creating instrumentals on acoustic guitar, this job is certainly one for you. If you’re good at lyrics surrounding heartbreak, I am always open to you contributing to lyrics, which I’ll add an extra rate to it. I would like to hear some of your existing work or demos, because then I can see if you’re the kind of sound that I’m looking for.
I will be using the final product as a demo, so I want to ensure that it’s our best work collaboratively. My target audience is around late teens – adults, so I do want to go for a mature sound.
When the song is the best it can be, I will be recording it in Motor Museum Studios in Liverpool, which I will be paying the expenses of, so you will be able to get some more recording studio experience. My rates are around 50 – 100 pounds, but it can all be negotiated regarding your effort, etc.

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One song

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Posted 5 months ago
Last online: 5 months ago

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