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Videographers needed for one off project

Looking for: Videographer
Budget: Negotiable

I am coordinating a Europe wide project for the company I work for where we are looking to create a consistent body of ex-client testimonials. The total interviews are likely to be approx 2 mins once edited down (we will do the editing in-house). When we have shot these in the past we typically spend 45-60 mins with the subject.

What we are looking for is local videographers (per location we have) who can shoot the interviews to our brief so that we have a consistent style from each country. You would only need to shoot on the day and supply the footage to us, we will do all post production in house. The countries in scope are
Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland

We are only interested in working with people who are local to each office. (there is no scope to apply to work at multiple sites/countries).

The style we are working too is a mid shot, straight to camera with a white well lit white background so that we can tweak the background in post to be bright white. (example

The output will be at 1080, we do not need to work in 4k.

In summary, we would need you to travel to our office - usually in a major city for each country and shoot interviews with 3 people over a maximum of 3 days. Where possible we will schedule the shoot to take place over 1-2 days max.

The interviews will be conducted in the local language of the office. We would like all videos to be completed (approx) by the end of July. In terms of filming dates, you would need to work to the schedule of our local office. These will be ex-clients who are coming in to record these in their own time.

Our maximum date rate is £500 (572€).

I look forward to hearing from you!

Type of project?

Length of film?
Less than 3 minutes

Any additional services?

Will equipment be provided?

What’s the deadline?

Is the project location specific?

What is most important for this project?

What’s your day rate budget range?
350-500 (Industry average)

How many days do you estimate?
2-3 days

Posted 5 months ago
Last online: 5 months ago

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