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I need a pitch deck for our startup accelerator!

Looking for: Pitch Deck
Budget: $100.00

Hi, Zero Gravity is the B2B startup acceleration program from Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Portugal. We operate particularly, with a group of private investors and an international team, but have a strong partnership with the school – contacts, networks, and collaboration from top business students. Our main point of difference is the frictionless environment we create for our startups; connecting the corporate world, the academy, and the startup ecosystem in one place: Zero Gravity.

During our acceleration program, which has a duration of 5 months, we offer mentorship, trainings, workshops, office space and an initial investment of 40K euros for around 10% of equity.

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What we need now is a strong pitch deck that can successfully communicate who we are. Although we have a diverse and multifaceted team, we do lack a designer that can successfully transmit our founder-friendly, focused, no bullshit mentality.

We already have our logo and our defined colours, but we are looking for graphics as well, and a deck that we can use for several purposes.

The final pitch deck will be used to be shared with all of our stakeholders, and needs to be in an editable format (so that we can keep updating it with new numbers, dates, changes… etc.). Our main stakeholders - target audience - are: the university, an important Portuguese law firm, Nova SBE Students and staff, tech and corporate partners, international investors, and of course, the startups. Therefore the pitch deck should be a combination of disruptive/innovative/young but with professionalism.

We get inspiration on images which are realistic, but try to show us a different perspective. Because that’s who are are. Real people. Real people aiming have an impact in this world by helping other real people build on their dreams and make them a profitable and meaningful business. People who are able to change the way the market works.

We are flexible on the deadline and the budget, but we are a small, very new accelerator; and we need something that is not too costly!

What industry is your startup in?

How would you like the design of your pitch deck to look?
I have some idea

Do you have existing logo and branding that the designer can use?
Yes, I already have a logo and branding

Do you have the copy written for your pitch deck?
Yes, I have all the copy I need for my pitch deck

Do you have any existing assets that you’d like the designer to use in your pitch deck?

Do you need the designer to create assets for your pitch deck?

What assets do you need the designer to create?

What is most important for this project?

What level of experience would you prefer from your creative?
2-5 years

What format do you need your pitch deck in?
PDF, Microsoft Powerpoint

Posted 5 months ago
Zero Gravity Acceleration Program
Last online: 5 months ago

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