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Metal Music Composer

Looking for: Music Composer
Budget: Negotiable

I would like someone to create a template for a single I am currently writing. DO NOT need a ENTIRE song but just enough to go off of. Individual WILL get credit on release of course.

Coming from the Japanese rock industry my influences mainly lie there. I was thinking something simple but still hardcore for the bud of the song. A great example would be “Ugly” by the Gazette. Very simple guitar riffs with simple chords that still compose a hardcore metal like feel. I work at a hospital so I do not have enough time to write like I use to so from this I come here to seek help.

I want this to be my first single. Again individual that I decide on WILL RECEIVE CREDIT on the single. This will be my first single as well.

I work in the Japanese Music industry and wish to broaden my horizons with other people instead of a small circle. My industry name is “Hikaru”. I have been in the industry now for about 4 years now and have worked up the courage and knowledge needed to start my journey.

Deadline is MAINLY by the end of 2019. Of course sooner the better.

My budget can go up to 300$. I am flexible as I said I do not need a entire song just enough to write to but of course if it ends up being a entire song the price will go up.

Type of project?

Genre required?

What’s the deadline?
No deadline

What’s your day rate budget range?
150-250 (Industry average)

Posted 5 months ago
Last online: 4 months ago

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