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Design of Pitch Deck for seed funding

Looking for: Pitch Deck
Budget: Negotiable

The goal of the project is to have a deck that wows the Angels/Early stage VC’s I will be pitching to. As our website is being redesigned currently, there will be plenty of new fresh assets to work with, but others may need to be created for the purpose of the deck.

I prefer a minimal layout, our colour scheme is Blue, White and Yellow, styles I like from Landing pages are:

Landing pages I like:

The font I like from the Tide and Nylas sites.

My business Olivia is disrupting the Call center - inside sales industry. We scan your CRM and email and handle every lead within 2 mins, 24/7. We also integrate with a suite of marketing tools with our API to push, pull data and notify to any app. Campaigns can be created within minutes in our dashboard, and we match you up with a team that is specific to your industry so that you create more opportunities.

Our initial market is Real Estate, but then we will extend horizontally to any vertical. If you capture a lead through any online form will handle, qualify and engage within 2 mins and send data back to whichever stack you use.

Deadline is ASAP
Budget - to be discussed.

What industry is your startup in?

How would you like the design of your pitch deck to look?
I have some idea

Do you have existing logo and branding that the designer can use?
Yes, I already have a logo and branding

Do you have the copy written for your pitch deck?
Yes, I have all the copy I need for my pitch deck

Do you have any existing assets that you’d like the designer to use in your pitch deck?
Logo/branding, other

Do you need the designer to create assets for your pitch deck?

What assets do you need the designer to create?

What is most important for this project?

What level of experience would you prefer from your creative?
Doesn’t matter

What format do you need your pitch deck in?

Posted 5 months ago
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