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I need a mix for my EP

Looking for: Mixing Engineer
Budget: Negotiable

My name is Aymen Ksouri (aka Alioth), an audio producer/musician based in Italy.

I’m seeking an audio engineer for my chill/lofi EP (very short, 4 tracks, under 6 minutes long) because I need some fresh/unbiased ears.

I just need the mix because I’m already working with a mastering engineer, my vision for the track is to be with a lofi/sidechain attitude, but still with a lot of dynamics. It has to sound balanced on every source (mobile phone amongst the priorities) with the drums as the main character, I’m a big fan of substracting and adding some elements. My sonic reference would be “Rain mood” by tomppabeats.

Since the songs are short and with under 10 tracks inside, I’m searching for a economic gig but I hope that the quality won’t suffer too much (I know it’s almost impossible, but who knows)

Genre of the project?

Kind of project?
Multiple songs

Are all the tracks ready to be mixed?
Yes, the tracks are cleaned, tuned and ready to be mixed

How many tracks are there in the project?
Less than 15

What is most important for this project?

What level of experience would you prefer from your creative?
5-8 years (high quality)

Do you want the track mastered as well?
No, I want a mastering specialist

What’s your day rate budget range?

Posted 5 months ago
Last online: 8 days ago

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