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I am a Rapper

Looking for: Studio Manager
Budget: Negotiable

I am a rapper who needs a manager to get me deals with record labels, as well as producers, managing social media, and creating publicity around me.
I am inspired by my favorite rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, I am in love with making music, and need the help,
I am seventeen so I don’t fully understand everything about the industry. I write music in my room, and have been posting it to YouTube, and sound cloud, for the past year
My target audience is anyone willing to listen, so publicity is everything
My goal is to make money doing what I love, this will take a long time, so I will be hiring you based off your commitment to the job.
being a graduating high school student, I have basically no money, I am getting a minimum wage job, so most of that can go to you, I am totally open to suggestions on your wage.
I’m looking for both a mentor, and a friend, so long as you can do your job, we should have no problem making fame and fortune together.

Posted 5 months ago
Last online: 5 months ago

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