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Regular Artwork For New Record Label

Looking for: Illustrator
Budget: Negotiable

Regular Artwork For New Record Label

We’re launching a new record label with two releases a month and looking for an artist to hand illustrate our artworks, with a similar style going on each one so we build a theme/branding to the record label called Absent Mind.

I’ve put some details below and I can send over the music upon request so you can get the vibe of what we’re going for.

Any questions or thoughts please let us know!

Label Name:
Absent Mind

Label Logo/branding preview: Shot 2018-06-05 at 14.48.13.png?dl=0

2 Releases:
Please message and we can send private streams

We want the artist to come with ideas for the artwork and unique images for each, the style needs to stay the same so we have some continuity for the record label and build a brand.

The image will be the center point of the artwork and then I will place the label logo/artist name and track title on the artwork, here is a template so you can see where I will place the text/logo:

Colour on the artwork might be needed as we’re not sure black & white images would stand out, would like to get your opinion on this too. Hand illustrations are preferred but digital ideas welcome as well.

Do you have an idea for the illustration?
I have some ideas but I’m not sure

What sort of illustration?
Don’t know yet

What styles do you like?
Modern, Geometric, Clean, Abstract

Where will the illustration be used?
Digital, Print

What kind of organisation is the illustration for?
Business or nonprofit

What file types do you need the illustration in?

What is most important for this project?

What’s your day rate budget range?
25-100 (Beginner)

Do you need any other services?
No, I don’t need any other services

How many freelancers would you like to pitch?

Posted 4 months ago
Last online: 4 months ago

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