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Engagment 27 - 30 of July

Looking for: Pianist
Budget: Negotiable


My name is Mateusz , i’m from Poland and here is my plan. My girlfriend has birthday on 27 on July. So i planned to take her to Paris. (it’s suprise, she has no idea about it). So we gonna stay at paris from 27 to 30 of July. I would like to engage to her. We both love music from La la land. So my though is to arrenge a pianist who gonna play that music in some totally non comerciall place (e.g. old theatre, a park during picnic). I don’t know paris so i have no idea if it’s chance to do that. Could you give me some solutions or even answer if it is possible to do such thing?

Best Regards,

Posted 4 months ago
Last online: 4 months ago

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