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I need help with everything from a studio to all the fixes and edits.

Looking for: Music Producer

Say who you are and what you do. My name is Dezay Cooks I’m a 19 year old who has been through a lot and started rapping my 9th grade year in high school. It was all a joke till one day I just listened to my music and thought with the right person in my corner we both would be great.

Say what you need and why you need it. I need someone who knows what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. I’m trying to rap!!!

What’s your vision for the job? Well starting out is probably going to be hard seeing as though I don’t have much financial support but if your willing to work with me it won’t be a waste. I will be great one day and I know people would actually listen to my music I’m not like these mumble rappers out here now. So basically my vision is to be at the top so I can make sure my family straight.

Do you need any other services? I’m not sure honestly but again money is my biggest problem right now, but I’m willing to work day in and out just to pay for what I need. I’m not the type to ask for much but when I do ask it’s only because it’s really needed and the music I make is honestly my life, I’ll do anything just to make it!

Genre required?

Type of project?

What’s the deadline?
As soon as possible

How many instruments do you need added?

How many tracks?

Do you need the song mixed and mastered?

Is the song already written?

Will the track be commercially released?

What is most important for this project?

How quickly does this project need to be started?

What’s your day rate budget range?

Do you require a recording studio?
Yes, I need access to a recording studio to record parts of the song

How many pitches from freelancers would you like?

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