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Video Editing Rockstar Needed To Help Me Land My Dream Job

Looking for: Video Editor
Budget: $1250.00

Hi, I’m Kayla Adam,

I am an aspiring Customer Success Manager in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. I have put together a “sales funnel” for ensuring I stand out and get hired by the companies that value me most.

The funnel looks like this:

  1. Starts with a simple cover letter video which I will be shooting and won’t require editing. This video introduces them to me in 30-45 seconds and gives a quick understanding as to why they should invest more time into understanding me.

  2. They are hooked and want to know more. They pull up my resume which you can see a moqup of here:

  3. Now they are curious at the prospect of hiring me. But rather than get onto a call immediately, they click over to a personal video.

Enter your bad ass video editing skills.

The objective….
The objective of this video is to answer the questions an employer may have about me up to this point, such as :
“What is her work ethic?”
“Can she handle remote work?”
“What sort of values does she have?”

BUT…More importantly…

$$$The objective of this video is to have the hiring manager feel emotionally invested (keyword) in me and my story.

The thought of not taking immediate action to hire me and possibly losing me to a competing company makes them uncomfortable.

Throughout the video the hiring manager should be nodding their head and silently saying to themselves:

“Yes, I agree”

“So true”

“I have a similar story”

“That’s so cool!”

“She has everything that we look for in our company culture”

“Danm! This girl has drive.”

///What they should feel…
What the hiring manager should feel or experience while watching this video is:

  1. Relatability to me and my story - for them to see a piece of themselves and their story in mine to create a strong connection to me as though they already know me.

  2. A strong passion to see me succeed and to be apart of my humble story - because its in some way also their humble story

  3. To feel like they are cared for and that I – just be doing this video – have demonstrated that I am here to make their life easier and to make them look good in front of their superiors – in fact they feel their body relax and muscles melt as they breathe a big sigh of releif… hughhhh and feel an overwhelming, piercing sense of relief with bursting joy at the sudden realization that they can stop looking through the 1000+ boring job applications they had lined up to do over the weekend and go and spend quality time with their family – all from watching this simple articulated video.

///Other words that describe what they expereince while watching the video:

A sense of humbleness


Drive, hunger, passion



Fun, energy, outgoing


An authority

Enthusiastic as hell

Sharp as a tack

///My target audience is …
Young and vibrant companies in the SaaS industry with mostly remote staff. Such companies include but are not limited to:

///The assets…
I have all the video and audio together as well as a rough storyboard which you can see here in the table on this Google Doc:

All the footage was filmed with Rebel T6i and lav mic. All the materials are organized in orderly folders and designed to make your job as easy as possible.

Video must be complete and uploaded for June 18 at 8am MDT

Must know how to use Filmora and or Adobe Premier Pro. If you prefer another, please let me know and I can check to see if it is valid.

Having music overlay skills is also highly recomended. Nothing makes a more emotional connection than music synced to video correctly.

Even though there should be minimal brightness and color adjustments knowing how to do these is prefered.

///Final deliverable
Final Deliverable will be in h264 format. And simple mp4 in full HD high aspect ratios suitable for 1080p

If you think you have what it takes to have me hiring managers of high profile SaaS companies bidding for my attention then we may be a good fit to working together.

I look forward to seeing your bid and getting to know you.
Please submit an application with previous video work you have done that you think will showcase same or similar to what is being asked in this project description.

Also, please reply with the first word of your application as sunshine so that I know you have read the project details in full and thoroughly understand the result that is required.

If you have experience in choosing and syncing royalty free music to create better effect with video then please also mention that and highlight previous work that showcases it.

Thank you kindly.

I look forward d to working with you.

Type of project?
Short film

How many videos?

Length of source material
5 to 30 minutes

Length of final video?
1 to 3 minutes

Type of video editing?
Assembly of video into final film

What kind of organisation is the promo video for?

Do you need any other services?
No, I don’t need any other services

What is most important for this project?

What’s your day rate budget range?

What file type do you need the explainer video in?
MP4, other

Have you recorded the footage ready to be edited?

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Kayla Adam
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