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We are a HVAC company with a Super Hero mascot. We have a costume but, it is faded and needs to be replaced.

Looking for: Costume Designer
Budget: Negotiable
7 days left

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We are Snyder Heating and Air in Jacksonville, FL. We are a HVAC company with a Super Hero mascot
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We do a lot of outdoor activities and the Florida sun is brutal on the fabric. Our current costume is made from spandex, and we need a new costume because the current one is fading badly, and the cowl needs to be replaced as well. we’d like to look at a cowl that is a different material, one that doesn’t show sweat perhaps. Also, the boots need to be replaced and possibly a couple of other changes please. I have pictures of the current one that I can share,
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Quality fabric preferably UV rated, and moisture/sweat resistant.
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150-250 (Industry average)

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Don’t know

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Posted 23 days ago
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