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Automated Content Generator

Looking for: Web Developer
Budget: Negotiable


Automated Content Generator requirement is as follows:

  • Automate content creation based on predefined list of “X in Location” or “X to Location”. We need the ability to add additional words before the X or after the Location.

  • The Location list should be able to be added to and for the list to to be reconciled and further pages created automatically. - Add maps listing to page that pulls Location and autopopulates page.

  • The system should launch pages at an an exponentially increasing rate, that isn’t obviously automated, i.e. firstly once per week, then twice per week, then every two days, then every day, then twice per day, then once every 6 hours, then once every 3 hours, then once every 2 hours, then once every hour.

  • The difference in page launching times should be slightly different i.e. on the hour -2 minutes and be randomly generated.

  • Lastly, the page needs go be able to replace a certain proportion of words with synonyms.

There are existing plugins that already do this functionality, so it shouldn’t be too tricky rehash one. This should ideally be made as a plugin so that we can reinstall this across a number of websites and roll-out at scale. We are looking for a plugin similar to this one, however, it needs to generate location pages, based on city and town name, then make the articles unique based on synonyms.

Certain words should not be translated, whereas others should. The plugin above is very good, but we need to make it generate thousands of location pages based on county, city and town names. We should be able to write one template page and then it should autogenerate the location pages, with synonyms for the verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

We need something similar, but instead, we will add the town and city name like London via CSV or copy/paste and then paste the Title, Meta and Content, the plugin should then look for specific words to replace with synonyms and then create the new pages with the synonym generated words, thus meaning the new pages are unique. The chosen developer will have to find a synonym replacement API, however, the plugin we mentioned above may use one or many.

The pages should also have a section on the page that references other towns and cities within the same county. Alongside this, the page should have

  • Good use of English is essential.

  • All code must be marked up and commented correctly.


PHP, Javascript, WordPress, Software Architecture, HTML

Posted 4 months ago
Last online: 7 months ago

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