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Need a Face/Actor willing to commit for Digital Marketing/ Consulting Business

Looking for: Actor
Budget: Negotiable
14 days left

Hello, I would like to hire an actor to be the face of my company. It is digital marketing/consulting business. I want to offer value by having my actor provide educational videos on how to make money online. I mainly specify driving traffic to companies by marketing across platforms and Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The actor chosen would earn a hefty commission as I plan to begin sessions for $997 and up as I add more value and content.
My main source of inspiration are influencers like Gary Vaynerchuck, Neil Patel, Tai Lopez, etc.

I am not so flexible when it comes to the budget. I’m willing to work slow depending on what costs are in efforts to eventually have enough content to promote and gain customer insights to ultimately scale.

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1-3 minutes

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Posted 16 days ago
Last online: 15 days ago

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