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Freedom of Speech, the Game - Promotion Video (ACTORS NEEDED)

Looking for: Actor
Budget: Negotiable

We are Freedom of speech is a new adult card game. Our game is simple the main objective is to get your teammates to guess the word on the card without saying the word that’s on the card. Some example cards would be. “Horny grandma” “Viagra and sweatpants” or “Sniffing glue”.

We are looking for actors to record themselves and some friends playing the game, with high energy and enthusiasm. We then plan to compile all of the videos and run ads as well as post the compilation on our social media pages.

Our vision for the project is that the videos will be organic with lots of laughter… we do not want this scripted but rather be actual gameplay.

Do you need a male or female?
Doesn’t matter

What age actor do you need?

What is most important for this project?

What’s the deadline?
As soon as possible

What’s your day rate budget range?
25-100 (Amateur)

Do you have a script?

Is this a lead role?

Is the project location specific?

How long is the film?
Less than 1 minute

How many pitches from actors would you like?

Posted 4 months ago
Freedom of Speech
Last online: 4 months ago

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