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New Songs For Album

Looking for: Songwriter
Budget: $75.00

Describe your deal goal for this job.
I need an album to mark my brand as a musician.
What’s your main source of inspiration / examples?
Any Whinehouse
Katy Perry
Jorja Smith
Jaden Smith
Bruno Mars

Final product to be used on.
My first album release.
Describe yourself/your business.
I am a jazz/pop artist with a powerful sound. I need a song that Can showcase my voice but also reflects who I am as an individual. I represent love, happiness, hope, and positivity.
Say what your target audience is.
All generations. Aim for a timeless piece
Say when the deadline is.
August 5th 2018
What’s your budget - are you flexible?
Will be discussed with the artist once hired.

Skills required?
Music composition

Genre of the project?

Kind of project?
Multiple songs

Is there a deadline?
As soon as possible

What’s your day rate budget range?
150-250 (Industry average)

Posted 3 months ago
Anjela Milagros
Last online: 2 months ago

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