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Video Editing

Looking for: Video Editor
Budget: Negotiable
25 days left

I need a video editor who is well versed in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Aftereffects and other related Adobe software.

I have to be by the side of the editor in the process of editing.

I am willing to travel to Cebu and stay in the city during the editing.

Aside from editing will be the packaging of the video and its reproduction in DVD disc format.

I am willing to pay on a per hour basis.

Type of project?

How many videos?

Length of source material
5 to 30 minutes

Length of final video?
10 to 30 minutes

Type of video editing?
Assembly of video into final film

What kind of organisation is the promo video for?

Do you need any other services?
No, I don’t need any other services

What is most important for this project?

What’s your day rate budget range?
350-500 (Industry average)

What file type do you need the explainer video in?

Have you recorded the footage ready to be edited?

Posted 5 days ago
Last online: 8 hours ago

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