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Looking for: Musician

My name is Toyin Wilson I’m a hip-hop artist now based in Manchester uk. My artist name is Mythill Grim.

I am looking for manager to collaborate with on getting more exposure,sponsorship, gigs, festivals,Touring, Branding and eventually a record deal. An honest individual who I can share success with. I have accomplished Note wordy achievements since I started to take this seriously doing festivals and opening for legendary acts. I have a lot of potential and would love to work with someone who can see it.

I recently released an EP “92GRIM” in October and since I have been added to spotify editorial playlists, radio, featured on Highsnobiety and an written about me in The Financial Times so I know and appreciate the hard work that is done on the business side of music.

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No payment, only collaboration and share profits

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Mixed, some on-location work is needed (give location in job description)

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1 month

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Posted 3 months ago
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