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Research Manager (Freelance) in Austin, TX, USA

Looking for: Copywriter
Budget: Negotiable

We are looking to bolster our roster of freelance partners who’ll support research needs on specific projects. We’re interested in speaking with folks that specialize in qualitative, quantitative or both.

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As a Research Manager at T3, you’re a team player who can design, coordinate and execute research techniques. You’ll synthesize findings to ensure a better understanding of the customer’s behavior & motivations and assign business value to design opportunities. In the role you will develop artifacts that inspire creative teams and guide their design decisions.


  • A solid background managing and executing various research functions, including quantitative, qualitative and usability formats. Ability to conceive and execute research is critical to the success of this role.
  • Ability to conceive, manage, curate and present substantive research initiatives, including focus groups, ethnographies and other qualitative formats
  • Draft screeners and discussion guides
  • Manage recruiting partners to fulfill participant quotas
  • Moderate/facilitate qualitative research
  • Synthesize and present research findings and artifacts (including insights, personas, journeys and opportunities) to internal stakeholders and clients
  • Collaborate closely with UX and conceptual/visual designers in ideation process to help evaluate design decisions rapidly and effectively


  • A solid background in quantitative methods with the ability to drive approach recommendations and vendor selection
  • Able to develop sound, actionable and comprehensive survey questionnaires
  • Draft screeners and quotas
  • Able to program surveys (familiarity with Qualtrics platform is a plus)
  • Analysis, synthesis and findings report generation
  • Able to weave qualitative and quantitative data together seamlessly

General Skills

  • Exceptional writer and visual storyteller
  • Excellent client engagement and interpersonal/communication skills
  • Outstanding organizational skills–capable of keeping track of minor details while driving to deliver on the big picture
  • Able to recommend helpful/interesting research tools to aid in project efficiency, relevancy and/or aesthetics

If interested, please share the following:

  • Standard freelance rate
  • Availability
  • Resume and/or detailed LinkedIn profile

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Posted 3 months ago
Last online: 2 months ago

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