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Animator(s) needed for a teaser trailer

Looking for: Animator
Budget: $416.66

Al Majarra is aiming to be the first Islamic based entertainment company in the US. We hope to rival big animators like Disney/DreamWorks/Pixar in the future (or collaborate with them!). Our movies are based off of minorities that face extreme hurdles today while educating on matters of environmental conservation, social justice, and Islamic principles.

This first teaser trailer (approx. 30 seconds) is to attract a crowdfunding audience and/or gain enough popularity to get the attention of larger, more established actors/actresses. The story for the trailer is set in Afghanistan pre-Soviet and US invasions. 3D and 2.5D are welcome for this teaser. Whichever is the artist’s strongest suit :)

PLEASE REMEMBER: This is a teaser for a MOVIE trailer and if requested, collaboration for a full movie.

Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration?
No payment, only collaboration and share profits

Do you need to hire for a specific city, country or place?
No, we can work online

When do you want to have the freelancer secured by?
1 week

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Yes (please enter this in the description)

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Posted 7 months ago
Al Majarra
Last online: 2 days ago

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