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Animation Project for 12 Part -Fully Colored Illustrated Graphic Novel Series

Looking for: Animator

My name is Rick Hernandez, and I’ve created a Graphic Novel Series called Slum of Blood. I wish to collaborate with an animator to bring the vivid graphics in this dark, violent, and emotional story to life. Currently, 10 out of the 12 of the 32- page books are complete. I’d like to start with book one. Each comic is colored and all the characters have been fleshed out.

SLUM OF BLOOD is a twelve-part GRAPHIC NOVEL set in gritty, 1978, New York City. Part thriller, part horror, all action, each title, loosely based on events from the author’s life.

LOGLINE A delusional teen girl with perceived superpowers must use her cunning to take on the worst criminals and corrupt cops after she steals over a million dollars in cash and heroin.

Here is a synopsis.

LUNA MILO, 18, is bright, sweet, but has dark visions of death. She only trusts CIRO, her sublime blue hummingbird protector, LOLA, a divine transgender, and BLACKJACK, the corpse of her soldier father, who visits her every night.

She lives in a hellhole with her addict mother, GISELLE, who brings the vilest scumbags home at night. After Luna kills a rapist cop, two corrupt detectives who work for Russian gangster, IVAN, the baker, force her to collect money and sexually service all the dealers in the neighborhood.

Luna steals cash along with bricks of heroin that transform addicts into deranged killers. She causes an all-out drug war on the streets. On the run, she must regain her wits to survive the monsters, inside and out.

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Rick Hernandez
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