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I need a logo designer and maybe a business partner

Looking for: Logo
Budget: Negotiable

I am a young person who has little money but a big passion and need your help with this logo to start my own business

I’m soon to be in a web hosting business and located in the south of england

I need a logo made not 100% sure on what design type i want if animated or rendered ect

Like said not 100% sure on what i want i can give details like its web hosting but has multiple uses for instagram logos or promos for shirts

Do i need any other services?
If possible somome who can code the website and (only once everthing else is done) to work with me and earn half of the profit to become business parenters

Further into the business id love to have maybe even more than 1 partner as we could become friends and start a good business

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Posted 2 months ago
Last online: 2 months ago

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