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Policy Statement:
Each employee is expected to perform the described duties, delegated duties, and all other duties, which initiative and common sense would indicate to be in the best interest of the firm and its clients. Additional duties not specifically listed in this description may be communicated and expected from employee.

Reports to:
Imelda Alejandrino

Desired Qualities of the Creative Director:
This person is turned on by technology, reads Wired magazine, and is fascinated by the continual evolution of the Internet and digital marketing. You are undaunted by the newest marketing technologies. You have an equal enthusiasm with print. You are a problem solver, an information architect. You have the ability to work with senior business minds to help them articulate their messages to their customers, then you can translate them into identity and creative that is breakthrough and compelling.
You are an energizing person, not only with your work, but with your work ethic and style. You have the ability to draw people together to share in ideas so that they feel they own it together. You are proud of your work, but realize it really belongs to the client and the customer. You are not cynical, you are not inflexible, you are not about your portfolio. You are about being part of something as great as you are.

The creative director is responsible for the creative output of AP42, with oversight of
the creative team and creative processes; the ideation, presentation and execution of client branding and marketing communications campaigns; the profitability and creative quality of client projects, and the operational readiness of the creative team, all in fulfillment of our brand promise to our clients, including:

• Directing the creative function so that the environment, culture, team, capabilities, tools, processes, expectations, work style and other elements support the strategic goals and brand of AP42
• Ensuring that the creative function operates in an efficient, profitable manner
• Ensuring that our creative product remains leading edge and ahead of our competition
• Ensuring that our high quality of creative and production is upheld, maintaining consistently high standards for him/herself and others on the team
• Delivering strategic communication solutions that help our clients attain their marketing and communications objectives
• Listening, asking, hearing, prioritizing and translating client situation, marketing goals and information into strategic brand concepts, voice, messages and rationales
• Collaborating and contributing to the creative process as a leader of a creative team, and as a member of the account team
• Co-leading the unified creative/account management process in order to execute on client projects
• Writing and presenting cohesive and persuasive rationales for campaign approaches
• Leading the unified process of marketing/concept/design and post-production execution
• Leading the unified process of marketing/concept/design and interactive/web/video/motion graphics
• Ensuring the professional development and readiness of the creative team
• Managing the evolution of the agency’s technology needs and marketing technology and digital marketing capabilities.

Primary Duties:
• Work collaboratively with partners, participate in company strategizing, and make recommendations for changes to the creative function to meet market changes, competitive threats or to support strategic plans
• Understand AP42’s strategic goals and brand; analyze the creative team, environment, processes, technologies, etc., to determine areas needing improvement; and build and direct a creative function aligned with and supportive of those goals.
• Make decisions on a daily basis that ensure both profitability and creative quality
• Set expectations and standards (build a culture) for creative team attitude, behavior, teamwork and professional development. Lead accordingly.
• Work within AP42’s Employee Handbook and ethical standards and ensure the creative team knows and follows those standards.
• Direct the activities and professional development of creative team members, including conducting staff reviews, taking corrective actions and recommending promotions
• Study the creative marketplace, assessing where AP42’s work stands against competitors’, as well as our clients’ competitors’ creative work.
• Drive constant improvement in AP42’s creative quality and capabilities.
• With the account lead, assure that internal and client presentations are on time, professional, engaging, persuasive and supported by a sound rationale
• Assure that timely and informative communication takes place between the creative function and the partners, account team and clients
• Contribute to the strategic and creative development of the agency’s marketing and branding efforts for new business development
• Ensure self and staff development in web-based and interactive marketing capabilities

Secondary Duties:
• Managing outside resources, including vendors, photographers, color separators,
• printers, freelancers, web and interactive sub-contractors.
• Managing art direction, design, copywriting and production of projects
• Preparing and justifying job estimates
• Quality control, including proofing, reviewing, measuring and evaluating staff performance, creative output and project process(es). •
• Continually learning, evaluating and implementing new marketing communications technologies within the agency and for client campaigns.
• Other duties as defined by partners

Functional Competencies:
• Superior leadership and collaboration skills
• Superior problem solving and decision-making skills
• Excellence in managing and motivating staff
• Excellent communication and persuasion skills
• Superior understanding of advertising and marketing principles
• Superior understanding of marcom strategies and tactics, including technologies.
• Demonstrated talent for high-caliber creative concepting and writing
• Ability to judge creative concepts and copy, and clearly communicate creative direction to others
• Thorough understanding of clients and their business/industry
• Excellent presentation skills
• Thorough understanding of art direction
• Thorough understanding of on and offline marcom elements production
• Excellent communication, planning, time-management and follow-through skills
• Excellent knowledge of InDesign
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
• Working knowledge of Flash (a plus not required), Photoshop and Illustrator
• Understanding of interactive media production

Position Path:
• Creative Director, VP Creative Director, Executive Creative Director, Principal

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