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I want to develop a PWA to prove the concept of my new business

Looking for: Web Developer

My name is Elliott. I am the founder of Rafful. We’re like the Lottery, but people win exclusive experiences instead of cash. Officially - we’re a free prize draw company.

We’ve just launched a very basic website to prove our concept. We sold £2,000 worth of tickets in 3 weeks and we’re now looking to build an MVP version of the app. To be cost effective, we’re thinking of building a PWA, but are open to building something on Flutter, too.

We have all the sketch files ready for build. these were built by a creative agency.

I’m based between Stafford & Chester, but happy to travel to collaborate. I have learn to accept that Stoke isn’t the creative hub of the UK…

Ideally, I’d love to find a CTO here. Best case scenario is someone to reach out and say - hey, this idea is awesome, let’s bring this thing to life; for 25% of the business I’ll build us an awesome app!

In an effort to sound credible (and not a self-indulgent narcissist) I have founded 4 businesses before. I specialise in sales & marketing. My most recent business was Flip Out trampoline parks - we made £1M profit in our first year of trading (and then everyone jumped on the bandwagon and made it a dog fight).

I have built big businesses before, but my tech knowledge is very limited.

Any interest?

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