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Freelance Project Manager in Portland, OR, USA

Looking for: Project Manager
Budget: Negotiable

We are a boutique agency (read: small and passionate) comprised of three Partners, a handful of employees, and a talented mix of freelancers. We design and build strategic brands and websites for businesses and organizations on a mission.

Are you both detail-oriented and creative, with an impeccable sense of humor? Do you love design and technology? Do you yearn to collaborate with designers and developers while keeping them on track to bring great work into the world? Are you great with clients, using your astute emotional intelligence to balance client demands against strategy and budget? Then we like you and you might like working with us.

We are looking for someone who can quickly and fearlessly step up to manage one or more of our projects, knowing that your past experiences, resourcefulness and can-do attitude will allow you to take on any challenge that comes your way. We are also looking for that special personality that is strong enough to lead teams and manage client relationships, but collaborative enough to enjoy working closely with our Directors (Creative, Strategy, and Technology) to solve problems. We are a tight-knit environment and culture serving society’s change makers. As such, big egos won’t work well here, nor will those who don’t enjoy working in close proximity to others.


  • Lead one or more projects through the discovery, strategy, design, and production phases. Many of our projects are complex and digitally-centric (think web design and development) while some are purely creative (deep strategy, branding, collateral design, etc).
  • Communicate with clients, fielding feedback, questions, and scope creep—keeping them in-the-know through a tailored approach to tracking reviews and deadlines. Manage each project’s scope and timeline to keep it on track and on budget.
  • Strategically manage studio PM tools, such as Trello, Asana, Harvest, SmartSheets, etc.
  • Work with the Creative, Strategy, and Tech Directors as the quality control police, assessing all deliverables and client-facing communications before they make their leap into the world.


  • Extremelydetail-oriented and passionate about process, relishing the minute details of complex projects with fastidious QA.
  • Highly capable of leading projects remotely, managing a multidisciplinary team comprised of both staff and freelancers
  • A fabulous communicator—both with clients and as a part of our team. - We value thoughtfully written emails and conscientious verbal communication.
  • A leader who loves rallying the troops, steering the ship, and other metaphors.
  • Excited about working with designers, writers, clients, developers, people.
  • A native to interactivity in mobile and web formats.
  • Serious when necessary but able to enjoy a good laugh.
  • Able to identify and escalate potential problems before they arise.


  • Elevate organizations on a mission
  • Deliver iconic brands
  • Create beautiful websites with stellar user experiences and admin ease


  • 5+ years as a Project Manager or Producer in a design or development agency
    (please do not apply if you have not managed projects for an agency)
  • Multidisciplinary production / project management experience preferred
  • Proficiency with leading PM tools
  • History of delivering projects on time and on budget

Job Type:

  • Contract


  • project management: 5 years (Required)
  • creative agency: 5 years (Required)
  • Branding: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Web Design: 1 year (Required)

Our studio is located in Portland, OR, currently located at SE Hawthorne and 42nd. You would be working remotely for this job, but we would like the option for you to be able to join us in person for meetings or work sessions if possible. Portland residence isn’t necessarily a requirement, however.

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Ongoing work

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$250-350 (Industry average)

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A few months

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2-3 weeks

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