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APP Restaurant Menu

Looking for: Programmer
Budget: $2083.33

App Restaurant:

Web: I still do not have the website, but I already buy the domain

The application is a “Digital Menu” for restaurants, where the customer arrives, and receives a tablet (preferably an iPad) and with the iPad can:

  1. See the entire menu with photos in high quality.
  2. Make quick orders.
  3. Place orders in “Orders” to later place the order all together, each iPad can do that, but each iPad will be on a table.
  4. With the iPad you can “call the waiter”
  5. You can “Pay now”
  6. When you order a meal, the App will give you suggestions for drinks, or notify you of promos.

The design of my application is almost ready, but I need to develop it.

  1. Do the animations for the application?

  2. I need the application to work correctly, it is an application for restaurants, what the App does is a “Digital Menu” similar to what this Web does:

  3. The App should be able to:
    3.1 Call the waiter (similar to this: when you click on Call, a clock sounds where it warns you, all through of the iPad
    3.2 You can (

3.4. Will all these functions be done through Wifi? the commands.

  1. Must be compatible with any tablet (in case the tablets are not iPads)

  2. Can only the App be placed on the iPad? That is, so that customers do not close the App, if there is any way to block so that only that App shows. I also thought about hiding the iPad Button so that it can not be pressed, the only way is to remove the sleeve that it will have.

The entire application will have a part of “Admin” where restaurants can enter through the computer to their accounts and can edit the costs of meals, upload photos, place your promotions on the main screen, edit the suggestions that will give you the App, create new dishes, edit dishes, schedule the notifications of the App, that at a specific time notify all the App (when it is being used) you can also place in “gray” the dishes that are not available, they can be removed or add ingredients to each dish.

Also we the “owners” will have a panel where, apart from having access to all the “Admin” of the restaurants, we can place the banner in the App, create, edit delete the restaurants, you will have an option to "Save all the data in the nuve ".

I do not know what else we could add, I am waiting for your questions, if you also help me to prevent everything!

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Posted 2 months ago

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