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Full Stack Engineer [Remote]

Looking for: Back-End Developer
Budget: Negotiable

Ever meet someone who works at Jumpcut? You should - our people are amazing. Here’s the good news: our 2019 growth plans are already aggressively underway. We’re searching for a full stack engineer to join our core team.
You will be responsible for:
Most of our solutions are in house, including our cinematic video platform. We are not only looking to make our education platform the best one online, but we want our code to be world class too. This means making good design decisions by factoring in our current architecture as well as where we’re headed. The key here is to make sure the code that’s written is always extensible. You should also be writing beautiful code that matters, and you should be proud of each line you write.

You’ll be working on a variety of tasks related to our Q1 workplan. Specifically, we’re focused on bolstering our marketing efforts, so you’ll be building out a A/B testing framework for our marketing funnel, and creating our optin, sales, and enrollment pages for our different courses. You’ll also be helping with rapid MVP-style testing of different educational features for our course that will help our students be more successful. These include ideas like group collaboration, peer review, and a live bootcamp.

We are looking to grow our team so that we can move as quickly as our startup is growing. This means we’ll be hiring people of all skill levels, and that you’ll be expected to help mentor those that are not as experienced. We are a culture where we help others grow, and want that to be applicable for everyone. This means being always the student AND the teacher.

Who you are working with:
You’ll join a team of 7 other remote engineers who are working on various parts of the platform, and you’ll be managed and mentored by Bo, our Lead Engineer.
Tech Stack:

  • Node.js
  • React / Redux
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • AWS

For this role, you must have:

  • You need to be terrific at Javascript. The years of experience should reflect on the skill. We are looking for people who have already mastered a few subsets of web programming or programming in general so that we know you can pick up whatever we throw at you in a short amount of time and become really good at it.
  • You must have been a full stack web developer for at least 3+ years. This means that you must have experience with back end, front end, dev ops, database, and AWS. While it’s best if you can work on everything, when you’ve been with Jumpcut for a few months, you can choose an area you’d like to specialize in.

Additionally, we’re looking for these personality traits:

  • COMMUNICATION: Whenever there are issues, you need to communicate clearly with management / rest of the engineering team. You should be thinking about scaling at all times and how to prevent similar problems for other engineers in the future.
  • SELF-SUFFICIENT: When we give you a task, it will just get done. You’re not scared of any complicated technical issues - you’ll just dive straight into it and find a solutions. You have good technical opinions based on experience. You’ll speak up immediately when there’s any issues you can foresee based on past experiences for any processes or new technical decisions being made.
  • PROACTIVE: You’ll constantly be thinking about the overall health of the organization, and making sure we are tackling the right priorities first. If you feel like we aren’t, you should be bringing this up to the director of engineering and making sure we add tasks that reflect what needs to get done.
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL: When you submit pull requests, you thoroughly test to make sure that you’ve covered all edge cases, instead of just solving for the most common one. When you review other people’s PRs, you don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

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Ongoing work

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$250-350 (Industry average)

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A few months

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2-3 weeks

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