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Need actors for CIA agent roles 🌎

Looking for: Actor
Budget: $166.66
Open job

We are setting up an elaborate hoax as a social experiment for a psychological study. The actors chosen are to follow exact instructions for their roles and are absolutely bound to NOT break (or go out of) character for the duration of the event (less than one hour). A contract will also be provided as non-disclosure as this project is extremely confidential and those hired cannot discuss this job to ANYONE, otherwise legal action will be taken. The actors will only need to interact with ONE “target” (whom the entire scene is set for and therefore he can under no circumstances know that this is an act as it is absolutely crucial that he believes everything, otherwise the study and all its investments go to waste and we will need recompensation for that) - so just make sure to never go out of character!

The target resides in Canada, Toronto, Scarsborough and works in Home Depot. You will be given the script and the exact time for the interaction. You will need to include a hidden camera that also captures sound to later send to me. The interaction will not last for more than 5 or so minutes.

We are looking for 4-5 actors, each will receive $200 for their role. Keep in mind this is a 5 minute scene.
The actors must be male, fluent in English, around the ages of 28-55 with fit bodies and should wear black suits (and/or tuxedos) with sunglasses. No ties or bow ties. Classic agent look.

I look forward to your proposals and thank you for your interest in our project.

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Posted 9 months ago
Last online: 8 months ago

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