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Looking for: Actor

We are a group of students from Lasalle College of The Arts trying to Cast our Short Student Film!

‚ÄúThe Mariachi‚ÄĚ tells a story about a Young Mexican Man,Daniel, who confesses his love to a Malay Girl,Helena,¬†In song! But when Helena‚Äôs Dad,General Faizal, a war hero, accidentally listens to his serenade things go south!

Young, in love, romantic

Fierce,War veteran

Mariachi 1,2 and 3
18-23 friends of Daniel
1)Smart and all knowing

  1. Lazy and is not bothered
  2. Enthusiastic, excited

The location will be in Singapore!

Filming will be in the late March
Casting is from 20th of January to 2nd of February!

If you or anyone you know is interested, email me at
julia.abdulaziz@ with your headshot and height

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No payment, only collaboration and share profits

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1 month

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None, I want to browse

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Don’t mind

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