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Sr. Editor/Videographer in Chicago, IL, USA

Looking for: Video Editor
Budget: Negotiable

When you get an opportunity to get in a rocketship… you don’t pick your seat, you just get on. Weber Shandwick is #4 on Ad Age’s agency A-list this year, and lucky for you, and for us, we’re looking to add an A-player creative video producer/editor to our Boston video team. The ideal candidate has at least 4-8 years experience in video editing and is ready to take a huge next step in their career working for a company creating award winning video work for really awesome brands.

We picture two ideal candidate scenarios for this position:

  • You are a young tenacious, talented, enthusiastic and fast-growing editor who has been rocketing skyward at an agency or post house but now or soon hitting an altitude ceiling, feeling limited by the company’s focus or strategies, or you’re looking for the opportunity to execute on your own ideas as much as others and looking for the next step in your career. You have a budding creative inside, you’re a great storyteller and have really good taste. You get social and digital like you were born with it and know how to sling around a few mo-graph pixels.
  • You are a senior editor who is looking to join a growing team where you can bring your high level of quality and refinement to an edit. Your speed and creative eye enhance any project you’re on. You bring some worldly experience with you from multiple editing experiences across agency, freelance or post houses and ideally you embody all these skills with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and want to focus on newer, better, different-er, Live-er, engaging-er content. You know you’re good and you want a chance to sit on a new tight knit global team and will bring it, big time.

The role will start off as initially 70% creative editor, cutting short- and long-form pieces and offers the ability to grow and adapt into any number of roles on the team. For 30% of your starting role, as with our other team members, we want someone who has passion or strong drive, experience and good taste in another area of production like: 2D or 3D design and animating motion graphics, shooting, switching live multi camera video events, sound mixing and music cutting or scoring, color correction or other finishing, perhaps you are really a tremendous director or writer, or you love to do craft/props work, etc. We will look for candidates that bring in a strong secondary talent or focus. You will be relied upon for contributing creative to team efforts and as a producer as well we’ll be looking for someone who has excellent taste and can contribute creative opinions productively and selflessly during brainstorms, sometimes writing up and selling in their own ideas, managing budget and scoping work, etc. You will need to think beyond video, and in the context of engaging campaigns that will have digital/social implications.

As an editor, you will be relied upon to:

  • create new editing paradigms, innovating the story structure and style
  • dig through tons of footage sometimes, other times scrape together a compelling show from scrappy and limited material
  • be a calculated risk taker creating new, fresh looks and feels
  • build strong relationships with our account teams and clients, and eventually be responsible for a larger client body of work, campaign idea, becoming the go-to producer/editor for one or more client teams.
  • be financially responsible for your projects
  • instill confidence and trust in others on the team by showing consistently awesome delivery and hard work.
  • eventually, if not initially, show your ability to persuade and sell clients on awesome creative work, close deals with them and manage the financial side of your projects
  • be a confident visionary with exceptionally good taste
  • be a selfless team player supporting the success of your colleagues

You will be working on projects (not just editing, but needing to be involved creative) like this. Ideally you have reel examples, references and an interview that instills in us the trust that you are capable of this level of quality, even if you have not had the chance to yet:

  • cinematic profile: Ocean Spray: Pact
  • cinematic campaign narrative: Campbells: Look Who’s Home
  • product-promo narrative: OSRAM: Lightify
  • personal doc-style profile: San Pellegrino: Chef Blaine Wetzel
  • human story aligned with brand values, doc style: Fisher Price: Wishes for Baby
  • viral/catchy vids: jimmy fallon

Skills required

  • Creative video Editorial with Adobe Premiere
  • Graphics and animation with After Effects
  • graphics prep with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • color theory for basic color correction and some secondary creation of “looks” with Colorista II, and rarely DaVinci.
  • Google Docs, Word Docs and Excel
  • abiltity to edit at a very high level of quality very fast for some quick turnarounds
  • occastional nights and weekends may be required: pitch work, crisis management or urgent deadlines
  • experience to source, vet, mange and lead vendor teams, technicians or artists
  • experience to source, cast and direct voiceover talent
  • ability to take client feedback and responding with thoughtful and accurate responses
  • client-facing communications, in terms of phone etiquette, client-side edits
  • friendliness is critical to relationship building here
  • keeping tabs on multiple projects at the same time, not only your own but those ongoing with other editors
  • audio mixing: ability to bring a show “into mix” which means consisten audio levels for interviews, music levels and timed edits to keep on rhythm, and make the show feel complete with some compression and possible needs for noise reduction.
  • graphics at a minimum: titles, lower thirds, bugs, transitions, etc.
  • ability to find enthusiasm for any client need large or small
  • ability to travel up to 20-30% of the time
  • basic audio mixing, music selection, sfx integration into edits

Nice to have:

  • ability to create some animated pieces completely from scratch or working with our design team to create vector animations
  • advanced 3D animation skills, high-end after effects work
  • ability to shoot, handheld or tripod/moving camera rigs. (what cameras have you shot on?)
  • some knowledge of terminal use for command-line management of file permissions.
  • ability and experience switching live multi camera events on Livestream HD500, Tircaster or similar

Opportunities Weber Shandwick provides:

  • work on regional, national and large-scale global clients
  • opportunity to travel
  • opportunity to grow outside of the edit suite, find or define your niche in popular culture
  • opportunity to work with video teams in other global offices within Weber
  • incredible opportunity for career growth within agency roles

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