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ELU Republic Music Video

Looking for: Actor
Budget: $10000.00

Hello creatives,

I am looking for actresses and actors for a short film/music video I will be shooting. This will not be anytime soon, but I just want to get in contact with creatives so that I can make sure that I have the people needed for this project. As stated before it is a short film/music video. Mainly, you as the creator will be in the short film portion of the video and there will be other creatives in the music video portion. The location of the shooting will be in the Los Angeles, California area. In a nut shell this Music video will be Scarface by Oliver Stone meets Big Pimpin by Jay which was shot by Hype Williams. This will be very cinematic and the video quality will be great. I am looking for 13 - 14 people for this video. Ranging from 6 - 7 male roles and 6 -8 female roles. Ideally 4 - 5 of the male roles must look of Hispanic/Spaniard/Latin decent. At least 1 -2 of the male roles must be clean cut. At least 1 - 2 of the female roles must be light complected (black). At least 1 of the male roles must be a black male that looks 24 - 27 years old. At least 1 of the female roles should be well put together. 5 -6 of the female roles will be in bikini’s (These are the girls that are in the music video portion of the film). Looks mater, so when choosing who should play each role looks will play a part in if you as the creative will get the role. We will compensate each creative based on their role in the video. Compensation will be anywhere from$300 - $1000 (Compensation is also negotiable) You will get paid once done with your scene. We will pay you either through cash, money order, cashapp or paypal. Which ever one you chose to be paid by. If Creative does not complete their task they will not be paid. Their will also be a contract that each creative must sign, that will be notarized. This will ensure each creative completes their task and that and also format any other matter needed to be discussed that were not discussed here. (We will send an email to you of the contract, you can then sign it and scan than fax it back to our email. We do not have a physical fax, so scanning it or taking a picture of it and sending in to our email will ensure that we have received it). Shooting will take 1 - 2 days, but less than 8 hours (Maybe 2 - 4 hour per day). But although it will take 2 days to shoot, not everybody will be shooting both days. Ex: Only 3 actors may be shooting both days. Wardrobe will not be facilitated by us, we will tell you ahead of time what type of wardrobe you must have. Some creatives must have 3 - 4 different wardrobe’s for shooting. All creatives associated with this project will be credited in the ending credits of the short film/music video. If you have any other questions regarding the concept of the video, character roles, or background of the artist whose music will be in the video then please ask a public questions or pitch on the job.
*Note: If emailing us to inquire for one of the roles or about a role position please send us your name, current city or state you live in and a most recent picture of yourself.

Thank you,
ELU Republic,
Enlightment Loyalty and Unity

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Posted a month ago
ELU Republic
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