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Suicide-sheep style music video animation

Looking for: Animation
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I’m a freelance EDM/House vocalist for some producers from time to time and I’d really like to put together a couple of animated music videos for some of my favorite songs so far. I love the SuicideSheep album art style - anything that looks like watercolor, digital painting-type work. Lots of soft and deep coloring with cosmic themes and a center of focus on a single character.

I’ve done work with video production before and have tons of ideas for these animations. I’d love to sit down with you, spill out all of my crazy ideas, brainstorm for a bit, and set you loose on the project. I’m looking for someone who wants to grow in their craft and form a potentially long-term relationship with me to create more animated music videos in the future. It is important to me that you are at least somewhat familiar with the EDM industry and can appreciate my work as well as provide honest feedback in the process. If you’re an amateur animator looking to put together a profile of consistent work and just have a bunch of fun being creative, this job is for you.

I’m looking for quality work and have no hard deadlines. I’m pretty laid back but like to have a plan in place, so we will discuss that once I decide you’re the one. I’ll want to see relevant portfolio work so I know you can do what I ask. I just want to collaborate with someone who can do this better than I can, someone who wants to see their work hit Youtube and make the world think a bit deeper about things. You need to be ambitious, proactive, thoughtful, and eager to please.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. I look forward to meeting you! :)

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