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1 minute commercial for Youtube

Looking for: Actor
Budget: $208.33
14 days left

Time sensitive project.


A middle aged male tells the story of how his life changed after discovering a new testosterone supplement. The story is told as a narrative while the leading male and his on screen wife sit together on their living room couch. The husbands leads the audience through an reenactment of past events leading up to his discover in seven scenes. The first scene will show our couple getting home before attempting a night cap that fails. After, the husband goes to the basket ball court and has a terrible game before a friend informs him that he suffered from the same situation until he found a solution. Our lead male then goes to have a consultation and is provided the answer to his problems. Our couple is found together again joining one another in bed before coming back to the original opening scene of the two on the couch as the husband thanks his new found solution.

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