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Wedding Photographer in Denver, CO, USA

Looking for: Photographer
Budget: Negotiable
14 days left

Freelance Photographer looking to work alongside a busy wedding firm. Ideal candidate will have experience photographing weddings and a natural ability to shoot in a creative manner and take direction from the team. Our professional Team Members will take care of everything before and after all shoots, from booking your weddings, to delivering the couples their final products. This leaves you free to do just what you do best. Photograph!

We base our company on three areas in which you should have

  • Team- Able to be a team player. No big egos.
  • Authentic - You are who you are. No time for liars…
  • Passion - If you’re boring then…usually your work reflects it…
  • 110% - Always going above and beyond.

The Photographer we’re looking for should possess these skills:

  • Passionate about photographing and creating stories.
  • Have shot at least 30 weddings and 10 engagements or more to be considered a First Shooter.
  • Have a mastery of composition, lighting, and posing to create stunning portraits.
  • Ability to take candid moments and add creative value.
  • Possess attention to detail and the ability take everyday subjects and compose them creatively.
  • Highly Skilled with DSLR’s (Manual Mode) Photography, lenses, flashes, and special equipment.
  • Must own full-frame DSLR, complete lens kit, and other equipment (See below for list of required equipment).
  • Able to meet deadlines, follow directions, and willingness to learn.
  • Work a flexible schedule including after business hours/weekends if necessary.
  • Have reliable transportation and maintain a professional appearance.
  • Must be currently living in or near Denver, CO and have wedding pictures from the area that we can use to show your work to potential couples if you are hired.
  • Must have current version of Adobe Lightroom with ability to create smart previews.

We will only consider you if you have a recent portfolio (see below for portfolio requirements). Pay starts at $50 an hour for a First Shooter and $25 an hour for Second, but can be more depending on experience and education.

Required experience:

  • Have shot at least 30 weddings and 10 engagements or more in the last 1-2 years and have off camera flash knowledge/ability for First Shooters. Second Shooters will have at least 10 weddings in the past year.

Required Equipment:

  • Full frame primary camera (ex. Canon 5D MkIII or IV, 5D MkII, 6D, 7D or Nikon/Sony equivalent.)
  • Full frame Back-up camera
  • Speedlights (off-camera capability required for 1st shooter)
  • 70-200mm f2.8
  • 24-70mm f2.8
  • 35mm/50mm/85mm 1.2-2.0 (recommended)
  • 16-35mm f2.8 (recommended)
  • 50mm or 100mm f2.8 macro

Portfolio Requirements:

  • Must be formatted in an online gallery/galleries or similar with web link(s) to access
  • Selection(s) from at least 1 wedding that showcases an ability to create a story
  • Un-edited samples from multiple weddings/engagements that present mastery of basic photographic principles such as lighting, composition, framing and perspective
  • Examples should include engagement photography AND formals from weddings

Job Type:

  • Contract


  • $25.00 to $75.00 /hour


  • Photography: 3 years (Preferred)
  • Wedding Photography: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Denver, CO (Preferred)

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