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Acoustic/piano/ composer/ Female singer

Looking for: Music Composer
Budget: Negotiable
15 days left

Call me Leo, wrote a few songs, not really looking to make it bug but always wanted to have an album i can listen to and say that ive done so it can get crossed off the bucket list

My style is mostly r and b more slow jams style stuff so synth and hip hop beats arent really what im looking for, think more Boyz II Men, Joe, Soul music

Soft melodies is really what im after with sweet acoustics

The aim is to maybe make a few copies and definitely put the album on itunes, obviously if you want to choose one of the songs and just do the work for that one then thats fine,

The female singer is required for one of the songs if you have a soft tone m, but sre good with harmonies in the style you may be perfect if you can belt thats be great too

What im asking for is a composer who listens to the song and compliments it and makes it fit with the tone and lyrics not overpowers it and tries to change it

The cost is something thats negotiable but im ni rich man but all the same
Not just going to pay someone who producers something i have no intention of using been there before, if i like what

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Posted 15 days ago
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