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Need Custom Illustration Showing How Product is Used

Looking for: Illustration
Budget: Negotiable

We’re a Colorado, USA Marketing Agency with a client who needs an illustration to show how the products they sell are used.

The Illustration needs to be an angled top-down floor plan view of a small assisted living facility for the elderly of a few rooms:

  • Show a small nursing station desk with the “central monitor” with a nurse in-front of it
  • Needs to show different applications going on including:
  1. Call Button attached to wall near a bed and an elderly patient pressing it
  2. Call Button around neck of elderly patient sitting on a couch
  3. Motion Sensor and its “vision” setup below a bed
  4. Wheelchair Pad Sensor of elderly patient trying to get up out of a wheelchair
  5. Bed Pad Sensor of elderly patient getting up
  6. A nurse in a different room with a pager getting pinged

Each application will need a little caption describing how they work

Example of products:

Ideas and proposals welcomed for showing how the products are used/work through illustration.

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Posted 3 months ago
Kokopelli Pictures
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