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I need music composer or if someone would like to hire me for a songwriter

Looking for: Music Producer
15 days left

First I’m looking for music composer.I’m a songwriter and have very different song and genres but the most suited for me would be rock,but I’m opet to anything. I write songs in English and in Croatian so if anybody would be interested,I can show you and would talk about it.
Secondly,if anyone is looking for songwriter,I’m the guy.Genres doesn’t really matter,I can write almost anything.Rap is outside my style for example,but I think I could manage it.So,pop,rock,r’n’b,country and so on,suits me quite a lot.
To sum it up,I’m looking for a big oppurtunity,because I know I am good and have talent and it would be awesome if i helped somebody or the other way around.So for every detail or information or anything,you can contact me here.
So,looking forward!

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