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Logo for a Menswear Start-Up

Looking for: Logo
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Wolf in Wool is an old world tailoring experience, for a digital age.

Aiming to challenge the preconceptions of what shopping for suits has become, the business marries online convenience (blog, online suit designer, in-store, digital visualisation software) with a bricks and mortar show room (complete with chesterfield couches, whiskey bar, wood panelling etc).

We are in need of a logo and, whilst we have ideas, we’re finding it hard to execute them.

Note - none of the following are ‘set in stone’, it’s just where we’ve got to to-date…

In terms of colour schemes - we like the idea of a light grey background, black lettering - grey being quiet and reserved (what we hope the showroom will be), with the black lending some masculinity to the suit brand.

In terms of fonts, we hold a deep affinity for the Aviano family, particularly, Serif (bold) and Flare (bold).

Whilst I’m ok with keeping things simple and going with Aviano Flare (bold) in black on grey, we’d love to explore any ideas from, you know, actual creative folks! We’d be particularly interested in anyone with an illustrative background, who hold a similar love of single-line drawings like we do.

The ‘brand’ is still in the concept stage - we’re planning on opening in June-July of this year. The name is a reference to two things - my own background in finance (in a “Wolf of Wall St” vein) and the idiom, a ‘wolf in sheeps clothing’ (all the suits are natural fibre - wool) and, our ideal customer is someone willing to step-out from the crowd and embrace a new way to shop for suits, i.e. don’t be a sheep - be a wolf… (in wool).

In terms of what we ‘like’ / have been influenced by:

The work of Otto Schade (London street artist) - his animals are all formed out of ribbons. If we could do something like this but, replace the ribbons with a nod to the Woolmark logo, that could work.

Also, the guys at Differantly do amazing single line drawings (including a stand-out wolf one) if we could capture something in this single line style, with a sheep and a wolf or, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, that’d be amazing.

What we don’t want is anything too cartoony or anything too aggressive - the brand is modern but proud of menswear’s past, things are done simply but, elegantly.

We look forward to working with you, online or locally.


Single-Line Wolf -…i&w=1080&h=1080&client=safari&bih=734&biw=1383&q=differently wolf single line&ved=0ahUKEwjf4tvgqrHhAhUTT30KHb22Cm4QMwg_KAEwAQ&iact=mrc&uact=8

Otto Schade -

Best photoshopped image we’ve found (could potentially be illustrated?)

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