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Looking for: Music Composer

Dear amazing songwriter, NPG Music is a social enterprise empowering music creators around the world to create amazing music. We are presenting here an opportunity by one of our affiliates. Details below.


We (KBN66 Productions LLC) are a newly formed music company operating from London, England and Nashville, Tennessee. We are looking for people who express themselves through their songs in wonderful and unique ways and are advertising an opportunity for you to pitch your music to one of our commercial projects.

The brief: Composing 2 passionate and easily singable tunes for large groups of people to sing in various group settings. The tunes need to be catchy, they need to be ear worms!

The challenge: Tunes need to strictly use the lyrics given below. You can compose additional parts with additional lyrics. However the lyrics provided should be used in their entirety, making up either the verse or the chorus or both.

Lyrics for song 1 -

Lyrics for song 2 -

Why are we doing this: To help people memorise key verses from the Bible that help them remember God’s epic plan of love and redemption as written in the Bible. The project will have 66 songs, one for each book of the Bible, we are starting with 2 songs in Stage 1.

Deadline to submit your pitch: Friday 12 April 2019

If your work gets chosen: It will be commercially produced by established international producers and performed by world class musicians, and artists and released globally. You will be published by KBN66 Productions, LLC and be paid via royalties that the tunes generate. You will be sent a contract that you will have to return to us within 5 days of us sending it to you so we can keep to our project schedule. We will be unable to use your work without this contract being signed. We would also need your permission to edit/adapt your work should we need to during the song recording process.

Delivery format: It can be anything from a good and audible one mic recording with your guitar/piano/world instrument (you could try your phone too) to a fully arranged and produced demo using multiple instruments. If you write instrumental parts that will be used on the master, you will be paid for those separately. If you’re doing the phone thing, limit it to one instrument and voice.

Deliverables for each tune (all before the 10th):

  1. Audio file with vocal and accompaniment, performed to set tempo (include tempo info please)
  2. Lyrics
  3. ‘Vocal only’ audio file
  4. ‘Accompaniment only’ audio file if possible

If you have any questions, please ask along with your submission.

If you have not heard from us by the end of the day on Monday 15 April, you should assume that your tune has not been short-listed for consideration. We regret that we will not be able to give feedback to those who are not short-listed.

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