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Romance drawing cover

Looking for: Illustrator
Budget: $83.33
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Hello. My name’s Cassandra and I’m looking for an artist to help me with a small project for a fanfiction cover. I have a story that I will be publishing online soon and it is centered around the romance between a young woman (about 23) and an incubus demon. I want the girl to be…i think it’s called straddling the demon with his arms and tail wrapped around her, as they are about to kiss passionately. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s like those pictures where neither or their faces would be fully showing but their lips looks look like they are about to devour one another’s in passion. I want the male’s fangs to be visible and his claws almost digging into the skin of her back. Apologies for my rambling. I just wanted to try my best to give you a short summary of details. The picture itself does not have to be large or anything, at most just a 7 x 7 on the computer. So do you think, you’d be interested? I will wait for your reply. Thank you!

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Posted a month ago
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