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Looking for: Videographer

Just to give a brief of my current requirement, I am in the process of working on 4-5 short movies in a span of 45 days depending on the budget where I am looking forward to explore concepts that can creatively explore the actors space as well as develop a decent quality footage.

Genre: Comedy, Tragedy, Drama,
Actors: 4 - 5 Max
Location - 1 or 2 if it can be shot on the same day.
Language- English, Hindi, Urdu
Duration - 5-7 Minutes

Since this is for a personal requirement of mine where I am looking forward to build decent credibility as an on screen actor I would like to make sure the script explores the acting credentials Ofcourse and my co-actors as well; & would also make sure the film tours film festivals, ensuring production credibility, with influential actors

Do let me know your thoughts on this and would be glad to catch up for a quick chat.

Again my budget is by the shoe string or good to nothing I would appreciate your assistance if possible.


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Posted 2 months ago
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